Now out! New book on the Scottish Parliament


Along with Jean McFadden, I have written a new book on the Scottish Parliament: The Scottish Parliament: Law and Practice (Mark Lazarowicz and Jean McFadden).

It is published by Edinburgh University Press, (£40 Paperback) 296pp.

You can order copies here:

I’m pleased to say we’ve had some good reviews for the book. Here are some extracts:


“The authors of this book are both lawyers with a wealth of political experience, and this combination makes them well placed to consider both the internal working of the Scottish Parliament and the constitutional context within which it operates.

The book is clearly written and informative. It will be very useful to students and legal practitioners needing an accessible source of reference to the work and workings of the Scottish Parliament”.

Robert Sutherland (Advocate)


“Thoroughly recommend this updated book on the Scottish Parliament by Mark Lazarowicz and Jean McFadden”

Malcolm Chisholm (former MSP and Scottish Cabinet member)


“This latest edition of this valuable book is both timely and fully updated. The text clearly and authoritatively considers the history of the Scottish Parliament, its powers, how it may use those powers, the structure of parliamentary committees, the Scottish Government and how Acts of the Parliament may be challenged. This is a useful book setting out the constitutional position of the Scottish Parliament, its powers and limitations on those powers. It should be of general interest to all practitioners.”

David J Dickson (Solicitor advocate: reviews editor, Journal of the Law Society of Scotland)

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